Our mission is to help people live the life they have always dreamed of, but never thought possible. We want to help them harness their personal power, become leaders of their own lives, become wildly successful in their dream pursuits, and live with intention and passion. 

Personal power refers to the innate ability to master yourself and the life you create. It is less about influencing others (although this can be a side effect), and more about reaching one’s own goals and desired end states.

Throughout our lifetime, things may happen that diminish that power - trauma, negative self-talk, familial or societal conditioning, discrimination… the list goes on. We formed The Wayfinder Institute to help those who do not feel powerful and unlock what makes them strong, competent, excited, and ultimately satisfied.

"Working with Anna through her steps towards a more intentional life helped me uncover the strength inside myself, and realize what path ahead I wanted to take in my career. I feel more confident, secure in my desires, and ready to take the next steps forward!"

- Lillian O.

Meet Anna

Anna founded The Wayfinder Institute with the intention of facilitating growth in others so that personal power is restored. She has followed that guiding mantra throughout her professional career, from counseling and advocating for survivors of trauma in domestic violence and sexual assault centers to working with c-suite executives in Fortune 500 organizations. She has been a whitewater rafting and dogsledding guide and a wilderness therapy counselor. She has helped start non-profits, designed retreats and workshops for professionals, and coached teens and adults alike around the world. She uses her background in trauma-informed work to help facilitate growth by using a client-centered approach. She believes that true learning comes only when people make their own connections.

Anna lives full time in her van, and hears often the sentiment from people that they wish they could live like her.... but they can't. Because of this, she wanted to create a course that truly helps people see that they CAN live in any way they want. That each person has the ability to create an intentional life. That they have enormous power within that they only have to take hold of in order to move forward towards joy and success. Thus, her signature course, Harness the Current, was born.

Learn more about Anna's journey on her YouTube channel.