Ever feel like you are drowning? Getting propelled forward, tossed around by the waves of life, barely able to pause and take a breath?

So often, life moves so quickly that we are barely able to step back and examine if we are actually ENJOYING it! We get crushed under the expectations of "should" and "supposed to". We get told that life looks a certain way, that if we don't meet certain hard and fast milestones that we are a failure. We are reacting to traumas, to perceived and actual responsibilities, to sudden changes in our circumstances, and we never have the time to intentionally plan our paths forward. Until one day we wake up, and realize that days, months, YEARS have passed us by.

Harness the Current draws from Anna's years of experience in the corporate leadership sphere, along with her past in trauma victim advocacy, experiential education, outdoor guiding, children's leadership programs, wilderness therapy, and more to create an exciting program that will create lasting results. Engage with activities, reflection, workbooks, videos, stories of others who have benefited from these learnings, theory, and challenges to help facilitate your growth.

Lessons will be released once a week for the duration of the course.

It's Time to Take Control!

In Harness the Current: Navigate Forward, Anna will take you through 7 modules over the course of 7 weeks. Check out our free ebook here and take a look below to see some of the concepts driving each part of the course.

Navigate Forward

When you are ready to take steps into a new and intentional path of your life, it can be incredibly overwhelming to map out the steps needed to get there. Gathering all of the resources you have, mapping a way downstream, and knowing how you will face the inevitable obstacles in your path will allow you to step into this new chapter with confidence and clarity.


You have a wealth of resources inside of you to pull from, and this first lesson will help identify those and use them as a stepping stone in your journey. In addition, the world around you holds a wealth of resources, though they may not be obvious in the moment. You should identify any people around that you can collaborate with, any education or knowledge base that will help you learn more about your areas of interest, and any other tangible and intangible resources that can help "build your boat". These will be invaluable to you moving forward.


Now comes the hardest part. Choosing a path. This is our north star so to speak, the driving goal for our life. The best way to find this path is by creating a personal mission statement, similar to what corporations do. For example, Southwest uses: "Dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit." This drives every decision they make. Each individual should have their own purpose-driven mission, something to use in order to navigate their life with intention.


Before setting out, take the time to identify what obstacles may lie in your path that will derail you from the life you want to lead. Once you know what they are, create a plan around how to avoid them, or how to hit them in a way that will allow you to recover and keep going. This will be key in achieving success in your goals.

Unsure if this course is for you?

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Harness the Current - Self Supported Journey

Students will create a tangible action plan that will help them reach an intentional, successful life

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  • 7 modules of the Harness the Current Course, available for you to access for life
  • A completely self guided journey, available for you to do on your own time, whenever you want!
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Harness the Current - Coach Supported Journey

Students will create a tangible action plan that will help them reach an intentional, successful life

What you will receive:

  • 7 modules of Harness the Current, available to access for life
  • 7 weekly sessions with Anna coaching you through this process
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